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Starting by rain

ImageI love those rainy days inside home with good company and enough silence to listen time by time the sound of rainfall drops hitting the windows. I believe it is a shared feeling. Now that autumn is getting through, and though climate is different in many places I always relate these days to the beginning of a new academic year, brown tree leaves falling, rain and mild to cool days approaching.

It is funny if you think about rain, not many think about its discrete character, as amount of liquid captured in spheres and ellipses of different size. Usually and by misconception you think in rain as something continuous, as a glass full of that liquid that comes from the sky.

I remember one day in one of those trips without fixed destination, someone picked me at the end of the working day, jumped in the car and driving with a map by secondary roads towards north. Start raining as the sky was breaking in pieces over us, keep driving and suddenly around 1 at night starting to think in a place for camping. Found ourselves in the middle of karst full of dolines and birch trees and decided to mount the tiny tent inside one doline. At that time I was starting to study the discrete character of rain, and I couldnĀ“t sleep all night long, since the sound of the raindrops was amplified when falling over the tent, with a clear relation between size and intensity.Image

Later on I discovered the acoustic disdrometers and my colleagues joked about the percussion music of the rain… Now when I monitor raindrops with different sensors and start to understand little by little the discrete character of the rain in that little pearls I remember this story frequently as the beginning of a trip without fixed destination and meandering path.


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